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18 January 2021

The setting of spiritual goals and the yearning to better oneself each year are a calling from within. This is according to Melanie Hall, a spiritual teacher and relationship expert affiliated to the Soul Home Teaching Centre in Johannesburg.

“As humans, we are always striving for happiness. We want to enjoy greater contentment and ease in our lives, while also giving closure to the previous year.”

“We deeply desire to restore balance and the sense of oneness in all aspects of our lives, as well as to achieve what we believe life should be; whether it is feeling happiness, joy or being content,” says Hall.

In seeking spiritual enrichment outside of religion, it is necessary to develop a sense of connection and become a student of life.

“In essence, it’s about developing a sense of connection to yourself, the universe and to every living soul. You will have to learn and open your mind to bring in a greater sense of consciousness, oneness and wholeness,” she says

Nature is also a great teacher and a vital part of one’s journey of spiritual growth. In nature, there is harmony, peace and no lack. This proves interconnectedness and abundance. We are all connected through the mind of the universe. Therefore, what you put out there comes back to you.

According to Hall, spirituality does not have to be bound by rituals and religion. Each person has their own level of spiritual inclination.

“Our souls cry out for spiritual enrichment and everyone has their own level of spirituality and worship. We should be tolerant of everyone’s choices.”

“People are constantly trying to fill gap inside and somehow that emptiness is seldom filled. Recognize your soul’s call to reach into yourself. Spiritual work is about inner work. All you need is already within. You just need to rediscover it and grow it,” she says. ​

By Nombuso Kumalo, Sowetan Newspaper