Counselling Sessions

A counselling session can be on an individual or a couple basis.

We will chat about your Spiritual orientation and terminology with which you feel comfortable.I’ll explain the counselling principles and the philosophy with which I work, and how it relates to you and our session.At the beginning of the counselling session, we’ll do a short relaxation and meditation.  This is followed by affirmative prayer or treatment, to create a positive space for our work together.

During counselling, we will discuss what your challenge is all about. If it is couple counselling, you will both have a chance to share your side of the relationship.My function as a counsellor and coach is to identify the hidden negative thoughts and beliefs which are manifesting the unfavourable conditions in your life.I  teach couples new skills in communicating and conflict management in a safe and compassionate space. Learn more about this at

When concluding the counselling session, I will give you feedback in terms of spiritual principles and make suggestions for you to try out.  I’ll also give you affirmations to say, which affirm the Spiritual Truth of who you are, your entitlement by your birthright as a Spiritual being and child of God and the way forward.

The affirmations are designed to change your thinking to a positive mode and to affirm Truth. We’ll end with an affirmative prayer to set in motion the change we want to see manifesting, using the law of cause and effect or the law of attraction. If necessary, we’ll set up a further consultation time to continue the work. A session runs for approximately an hour and a half, perhaps more, especially if it is a first session or a couple session.

My work is based purely on relaying and teaching of Spiritual principles.  I do not use crystals, mediums or any other alternate practices.Please understand that I cannot give advice over email as I need to spend time getting to know your situation fully.

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