About Spiritual Coaching

Practitioners are Spiritual teachers and Counsellors who are trained to know and teach the Spiritual and Metaphysical truth of this life experience. Spiritual awareness and spiritual guidance form part of the coaching, in order to optimize your life journey.

RScP stands for Religious Science Practitioner.” Religious Science” is another name for “Science of Mind”. This is a philosophy based on God-centred Universal Principles, which include Abundance, Affirmative thinking, Balance, Oneness, Love, Forgiveness and Truth- amongst other principles. It is practised as a Science by means of Affirmative prayer or “Treatment”, using the law of cause and effect.. This is nothing to do with Scientology. My Spiritual Coaching will be based on these principles.

We deal with everyday life challenges such as relationship difficulties, stress, conflict, illness, addictions, loss, job and money issues, low self-esteem, as well as personal discontent. We help you see and eliminate the “roadblocks” which are creating obstacles for you and which are making your life journey a difficult one. In this teaching we say that we are each responsible for our own reality. The path to freedom is through self-mastery and by taking responsibility for our creative beliefs, thoughts, words and actions.

In simple terms: “It is done unto you as you believe.” “Change your thinking, change your life.”

So, contact me to learn how to change your thinking and how to bring about change in your life. Start celebrating who you truly are and enjoying life itself!

About Melanie

Melanie Hall Spiritual Coaching

My name is Melanie Hall (RScP) and I am a Spiritual Coach, Teacher and Practitioner. My work is to assist you in recognizing hidden and limiting beliefs and to remind you of the Truth of who you truly are, of Life, “how things work” and what you deserve as an individual: inner peace, contentment, fulfillment and inner joy.

Let me assist you with Spiritual Coaching by showing you how to take back your power and change your life for the better, as life itself intended for you.

Are you yearning to find the spiritual answers to understand why life is so difficult at times?

Our Services

Relationship Counselling


Counselling Sessions


I would be remiss if I did not mention how much Melanie helped me through a recent crisis. Her compassion, understanding, integrity, patience, kindness and more, were evident in the way she guided me towards helping myself. Mel, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me smile again when I wake up each day!! Here’s wishing you every success in following your passion through helping people through difficult times.


Before we found Melanie, my husband and I were on the brink of destruction. Destroying each other, and destroying ourselves.

Now we have a relationship that most can only dream of. We have love, passion, empowerment, harmony, communication and above all, we are working towards total trust again. We are whole within ourselves, but even better together. Melanie, you have a gift for bringing people together, and patching together broken self-worth. Your love, guidance and intuition have helped us reignite our twin flame.

Before we found Melanie, my husband and I were on the brink of destruction. Destroying each other, and destroying ourselves. Now we have a relationship that most can only dream of. We have love, passion, empowerment, harmony, communication and above all, we are working towards total trust again. We are whole within ourselves, but even better together. Melanie, you have a gift for bringing people together, and patching together broken self-worth. Your love, guidance and intuition have helped us reignite our twin flame.

“Dear Melanie
I would like to thank you for the two sessions that have made a huge difference in my life. Your approach is different,  yet effective.  After the first session I felt the anger melt,  I have been able to breathe,  to eliminate negative thoughts from my mind,  and to focus on the present.  I now use my time and thoughts to focus on what I have and what I want in the future.  I realise how blessed I am to be given a second chance -where my life is in my hands,  and I can do as I see fit with my life.

After the second session, my ex- husband has decided to contribute towards our financial welfare.  He has deposited money into my account – something he never did in the past.  I can communicate with him without us fighting.  I have let go of him,  and I am able to advise him and take advice where necessary.  I no longer hate him.
I feel relaxed,  liberated and I look forward to a life of abundance! I always look forward to the sessions to learn more about myself and life in general, and to meditate.”


“ During my 2nd year of University, Uni life was tough. I lived with a few unkind and thoughtless people, I had given up doing things that I loved due to the grey, ice cold weather and permanently had a “can’t be bothered” attitude. I felt low, disheartened and alone. However, talking to you, Melanie, over Skype made me realize that anything is possible if I just believe in myself. I have to take charge of my life, be proactive and get the ball rolling: I can’t just sit back and hope for things to change.  Your words made me re-evaluate the way I was living and believe that I was better than all of that. I got back into my hobbies, spent time with the people that really mattered and life got better!
Thank you so much for everything, it is truly appreciated.”


“ Hi Melanie, I just wanted to say Thank You. The meditation and affirmations helped me to connect with myself and the truth, I discovered a truth that I didn’t like but have now acknowledged and I already feel like a mountain has been lifted off me. I prayed for forgiveness and asked our heavenly father to help me fix this and he immediately did…I spoke to my husband in a way that I never have before and I couldn’t believe the positive response. Before I approached him I asked God to guide me through every word and I am living testament of his mercy. After a year’s separation we will now reconcile and have the beautiful life we deserve. Thank you for the affirmations and for your prayers. I am on the right track now…I am no longer afraid as I know I have help!!”


“Dear Melanie

The sessions with you have really helped me to pinpoint the actual problems, and understand aspects of problems that may be improved.  I felt so much calmer confronting my fears, and dealing with the issues in my life. As you took me through the circle or stages of healing, you made me realize the phase that I was in.  Moreover that it was normal of me to feel that way.  As a child of God, you helped me  release the pain, and be at peace with myself and my surrounds.  Everyday I wake up having courage to own up to live what God has purposed for me to live.”


“ I went to see Melanie initially as I wanted some guidance and inspiration.  My husband was bi-polar  and was in and out of clinics for a few years. I needed to get out of the relationship without feeling any guilt. Melanie’s guidance was excellent, giving me hope and opening my eyes to the responsibilities of life.  Mainly where we are not responsible for other people’s choices in life.  I accepted the fact that I was not responsible for my husband’s depression.  So, I left him and he unfortunately made the choice to take his life.  I was counselled after that and managed, with love, support and light, to get through those dark days. The affirmations were the best; thoughts you can carry around with you, that just open your mind and bring light into your soul.  Melanie’s counselling sessions gave practical examples of what to do, but at the same time, were spiritually enlightening.”

Bev T

“ Mel listens with great experience and insight. It is no wonder I felt so heard and accepted.Toward the end of each session Mel spoke a treatment spontaneously, drawing on the threads of conversation, insights and truths of that session. The affirmations for the period in between sessions are pertinent and powerful because they have been drawn from the context of the Treatment, which includes handing them over to the working of “Universal Law”. M.B. ”

” I would like to thank you so much for last night. It really has helped me to put into perspective what I already knew, but couldn’t get any peace. My husband also thought it was awesome, so I really think you have helped us to get back on our own track, without guilt, anger and frustration. Once again, THANK YOU.”

C & J

” On 25 December 2010, I lost my new born son.  I thought my world was coming to an end. Nothing made sense and I was so negative about everything until my mother said I should consider going to see Melanie Hall, whom she had been to see.  In January 2011  went to see Mel and had a one-on-one counselling session with her.  From that day on I had a deeper understanding of self and I am at peace.  I have greater hope for the future.  I believe I wouldn’t have done it on my own.  The people around me help me each day to apply what Melanie taught me”

Ellen G

“ Thank you for a session that has made an incredible impact on our lives, both as individuals and as a couple. Just last night, M. was saying about the difference he feels since the session we had with you. We feel that there is a big change in mind set as well as spiritually that has happened in both of us. We fully understand that this is a journey, but the value of what we have already accomplished with your guidance is a life changing one. Your session opened us up to a greater understanding of our faith in God, tolerance, meditation and quite time and affirmations of what it is we endeavour for our lives. Your treatment has made it easier for us to affirm what we know we want from life and each other, with the grace of God.
Thank you for the life changing transition that we have made with you.”


“ Dearest Mel
I just want to thank you sincerely for your treatments.  I am feeling so much better and more composed about everything and I am also feeling much better from a health point of view.”


“I know that pressure in limited quantities is not bad because it encourages me to do my best and reach my targets. It enables satisfaction and contributes to my journey towards self-actualisation. However, in the past 5 years I have allowed work pressure to stress me out of form. Stringing myself out by constantly chasing one deadline after the other, I reached the point where stress stopped being helpful and resulted in numerous physical symptoms including muscle pains. My physiotherapist, displaying great insight and professionalism, recommended that I see a counsellor to assist with stress management. Melanie Hall proved herself knowledgeable and insightful in her field, since she asked all the right questions and pointed me to stress management strategies that produced the desired results.”

Jeanette R Hunter

“Dear Melanie

I came to you seeking help and support for depression and panic attacks due to a combination of overwhelming external pressures I felt.

I want to say thank you because our sessions have made a huge difference to my life, you have given me valuable tools to deal with my anxiety and which I am now managing to control.  I am also able to say no to things that I don’t want to do.

Thank you for allowing me to talk about my feelings which allowed me to bring them out of the shadows into the light where I now walk.”


“Wow! To begin with, I’m grateful that I was advised by a friend to see you for counselling and therapy sessions.When I first attended, I was not sure what I would get out of it or what will be said.  I poured out my issues of this divorce phase. The sessions were so insightful as to what has happened in my life in terms of my marriage. I got to know what the root causes were, what type of person I am and my values. It gave me the opportunity to even cry, as I have never done before – I was amazed that it was me crying!

I received insight into dealing with the self-condemnation and guilt in my thinking – that I was purely responsible for this divorce. I’m able to take steps in moving forward and not crying over spilt milk. The courage I have now and knowing I can only be better, makes me know I will be an excellent father to my son.

I have gained insight into setting the tone on how one must handle communication, and look within for peace, joy, truth, and hope.

I’m still attending sessions, and I’m stronger every time I attend, always looking forward to them. You have helped me a lot Melanie, and I’m grateful for all your thoughts, insight and wisdom shared with me. I can laugh, smile and walk tall, knowing I am moving forward with joy in my heart.”

  • 5 star review  Awesome! Experience! The sessions are very fruitful and definitely help you to be a better person and resolve conflicts much better with the teachings held in the sessions.

    thumb Sithembiso Khanyile

    5 star review  Melanie was amazing, she helped me efficiently and lovingly to see and address my issues and beliefs and I already feel a million times better after just two sessions! Thank you so much!

    thumb Isabelle Waetjen
  • 5 star review  Where do I even begin....Melanie is a Universe sent soul that words cannot fully describe. I've had the opportunity to open up about my problems to her and how I was struggling emotionally, feeling like I was at a dead end and she helped me get through that. She's a great listener and she's not judgemental. With a couple of sessions with her, I walked out her consultation room feeling like a brand new person and with a better outlook on life. If you are feeling burnt out, down or completely discouraged about life, give her a call and book a session. It'll be a mind opening and spiritually reviving 90mins of your life.

    thumb Felix Music

    5 star review  What an earth angel. Melanie has such a way to shed light on a situation with the utmost grace. I feel tons lighter today than I have in a while, and this was only my first session with Melanie. I highly recommend her, she is professional and compassionate at the same time. Coming from a place of love.

    thumb Anemie Ponelis
  • 5 star review  Words to describe Melanie : Kind, compassionate, safe, truthful, calm and peaceful. Melanie has helped me grow as a person and reroot myself in who i am. She is an excellent guide in finding truths within yourself and refocusing your heart, soul and mind towards the best, whole, beautifully complex self.

    thumb Carla Herman

    5 star review  Spiritual and life coaching at its best. We would definitely recommend Mel, as she has equipped us with tools to communicate better as a couple. "We now have hope knowing that every situation, no matter how daunting can be addressed through effective and kind communication" ~ Tlad "We would like to thank God for your great life coaching skills. Each session we had with you wasn't just a session but was healing, restoration, discovery and growth" ~ Mac

    thumb Macdonald Monate
  • 5 star review  Thank you so much Melanie for today's session. You are such a very good listener with your tough love. You don't sugar coat the truth, you say it the way it is. I now feel much stronger and better than the previous days. You reminder me of how special I am to someone out there and that I am in charge of my own life and happiness. Much appreciated. Looking forward to my second session. Stay blessed

    thumb Lorraine Boya


Each session runs for approximately one and a half hours.
I work with the client until I believe there is change, closure and/or greater understanding of the issue at hand.

Individual Counselling

R500 per session

Couple Counselling

R550 per session

Science of Mind Philosophy

In this philosophy of Science of Mind, we acknowledge that we are all connected through the One Mind of the Creative Spirit, or Universal Intelligence, who some choose to call God. This philosophy becomes a way of life by using Universal principles of unconditional love for one’s self and others, by recognizing the Divinity in each individual. The principles of oneness and wholeness; forgiveness; gratitude; and the control of internal dialogue and prayer, all support us to live more joyful, loving and fruitful lives. Personal transformation comes about through a change in consciousness and understanding of our hidden thoughts and beliefs, which create negative, self-perpetuating life patterns and resulting unhappiness. Spiritual healing comes about through the revelation of Truth through understanding Universal Principles. Love for one’s self is part of the healing process, which includes recognition and acceptance of the gifts that Life offers each one of us, unconditionally. In Science of Mind, we use affirmative prayer, which makes use of the Law of Attraction or the Law of Cause and Effect, and the power of good which exists in the Universe. We also use healing meditation to still the mind, and to connect with our inner voice, our Divine nature and purpose. Affirmations are used to remind us of the Spiritual Truth of our being. This simple, yet rich philosophy and practice transformed my life. Learn more about “What we believe”.

Read some of my articles for more information about spiritual coaching

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    I can also conduct a counselling session over Skype and Google Hangouts, should you not live in reach of Johannesburg or would prefer social distancing.

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