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Online dating is a way of connecting with new people. Online romance can be exhilarating and alluring knowing that your perfect match could be a few clicks away. However, taking this leap of faith for spiritual individuals may not stir the same enthusiasm. Is there room for spirituality in the digital world of love?

We asked counsellor and spiritual teacher Melanie Hall of Spiritual Coaching in Johannesburg about the possibility of finding love online.

Hall says spiritual individuals don’t struggle to make meaningful connections because of fear, but rather it is a matter of oneself out the “Often time religious people meet potential partners at church whether as spiritually-minded people would first want to establish a meaningful connection with a potential partner.

Hall believes that the fear to take this risk comes from the yearning to find “the one”.

“Most spiritually inclined individuals are in search of one partner they can make a connection with, whereas online dating is about matching individuals with multiple potentials. Online dating is a way of connecting with new people.”

The pandemic has caused us to gravitate to digital platforms to connect with people and seek potential romantic partners. According to spiritual guide Buhle Ngoma, one can meet their soul-mate through online dating. “You can meet your soul mate on virtual platforms.

The connection of soul mates, whose paths are meant to cross, goes beyond the digital screens and all technology,” says Ngoma. The pursuit of finding a soul mate calls for a deep connection and initial attraction.

According to Hall, one should be able to easily communicate and understand the other while sharing the same values and beliefs. “There should, of course, be some physical attraction as well,” says Hall. Ngoma believes that nothing can interfere with the destiny of people who were meant to be life partners.

“When two people are meant to meet each other in this lifetime, you cannot deviate from that plan or stop it from happening,” Hall said seeking divine guidance and clarity when it comes to the realm of love is quite common.

She believes that this reaffirms one’s trust in the goodness of divinity. When it comes to searching the web for love, Hall suggests that one’s beliefs and values can better align you to discovering a good match online, but it is not certain.

“Online dating is a game of chance – as to whether you’ll meet someone compatible is not definite. It also depends on the criteria for matching people online.” Hall says that though online dating is the road less desired, it may reveal a hidden treasure of abundant love. Before taking that leap of faith into love. She suggests that one should remain open and be clear about what you are looking for. “Be open-minded when meeting someone without making decisions based on external appearance. Make your needs known and begin to feel attractive and open to receiving opportunities to meet the right person,” Hall says.

By Nombuso Kumalo, Sowetan Newspaper