“Dear Melanie I would like to thank you for the two sessions that have made a huge difference in my life. Your approach is different,  yet effective.  After the first session I felt the anger melt,  I have been able to breathe,  to eliminate negative thoughts from my mind,  and to focus on the present.  I now use my time and thoughts to focus on what I have and what I want in the future.  I realise how blessed I am to be given a second chance -where my life is in my hands,  and I can do as I see fit with my life.

After the second session, my ex- husband has decided to contribute towards our financial welfare.  He has deposited money into my account – something he never did in the past.  I can communicate with him without us fighting.  I have let go of him,  and I am able to advise him and take advice where necessary.  I no longer hate him. I feel relaxed,  liberated and I look forward to a life of abundance! I always look forward to the sessions to learn more about myself and life in general, and to meditate."