Bev T

“ I went to see Melanie initially as I wanted some guidance and inspiration.  My husband was bi-polar  and was in and out of clinics for a few years. I needed to get out of the relationship without feeling any guilt. Melanie’s guidance was excellent, giving me hope and opening my eyes to the responsibilities of life.  Mainly where we are not responsible for other people’s choices in life.  I accepted the fact that I was not responsible for my husband’s depression.  So, I left him and he unfortunately made the choice to take his life.  I was counselled after that and managed, with love, support and light, to get through those dark days. The affirmations were the best; thoughts you can carry around with you, that just open your mind and bring light into your soul.  Melanie’s counselling sessions gave practical examples of what to do, but at the same time, were spiritually enlightening."