“Wow! To begin with, I’m grateful that I was advised by a friend to see you for counselling and therapy sessions.When I first attended, I was not sure what I would get out of it or what will be said.  I poured out my issues of this divorce phase. The sessions were so insightful as to what has happened in my life in terms of my marriage. I got to know what the root causes were, what type of person I am and my values. It gave me the opportunity to even cry, as I have never done before – I was amazed that it was me crying!

I received insight into dealing with the self-condemnation and guilt in my thinking – that I was purely responsible for this divorce. I’m able to take steps in moving forward and not crying over spilt milk. The courage I have now and knowing I can only be better, makes me know I will be an excellent father to my son.

I have gained insight into setting the tone on how one must handle communication, and look within for peace, joy, truth, and hope.

I’m still attending sessions, and I’m stronger every time I attend, always looking forward to them. You have helped me a lot Melanie, and I’m grateful for all your thoughts, insight and wisdom shared with me. I can laugh, smile and walk tall, knowing I am moving forward with joy in my heart."